Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery



I used to always tell my 4 year-olds this whenever they’d complain that someone was copy-catting them.  And, then, because those are some big words, I’d explain that they do that because they like you so much.  Generally, this would stop the copy-catter almost instantly.

These are fun times we’re coming into now with our little Cater Bug.  He is beginning to say and do all that we say and do.  Talk about pressure!  But, it’s also the most exciting thing to experience.  His language is EXPLODING.  It seems like only a few weeks ago he was labeling things around our house, maybe one new thing each day.  Now, he’s saying 2 and 3 word phrases.  And, it’s really so cute because each word is like it’s own sentence.  For example, a few nights ago after getting out of the car he notices the cows beside our house and says, “Black. Baby. Cow.”  and then to the one beside it, “Brown. Baby. Cow.”  I know it’s corny, but I wanted to cry.  He’s growing up SO FAST now.  He also copies expressions – both verbal and nonverbal.  Yesterday he was refusing to do something I asked him to and I scrunched my face at him.  He made the same face right back at me and giggled hysterically.  Tough to be mad when he does stuff to make me laugh!  Today in Lowe’s, I’m talking aloud to him as I search for bug killer.  Me:  “Hmmm…where could it be?  No, that’s not the one.  We need the clear bottle.”  Carter: “Hmmmm…Be…No…Bottle.”  In my mind I’m thinking:  here we go-now it gets interesting.

How have your children imitated you?  Any embarrassing or telling moments when you hear yourself coming from your child’s mouth?


2 responses to “Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery

  • carrie

    R&L are just a little behind Carter, but I can tell we’re on the verge of a language explosion too. Reid has started making the scrunchy discipline face back at us then laughing too…it’s all I can do to turn my head and laugh the other way so he doesn’t see me. Usually I turn back and he flashes me the big flirty eyes and dimples and then it’s all over…goodbye discipline, hello hugs, kisses and giggles! Meanwhile, Louisa stands nearby watching and learning so she can do the same thing when it’s her turn!

    When we change Reid’s diaper he exhales quite loudly (then of course giggles)…figured out he is immitating Craig holding his breath when he changes Reid’s stinky diapers!

    Such a fun time right now to watch them growing and learning so much!

    • mindofmandi

      I am so glad that you put a comment here because it reminded me that YOU have a blog, too. I just added you to my reader so I can keep up with your precious little ones. Can you believe that 2 is just around the corner?!?! Time is flying by.

      By the way, do you take all your own photographs? If so, I want to HIRE you. They are gorgeous.

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