Taking Time to PLAY


The beginning of our day of fun.  We’re riding the trolley shuttle to the stadium.  Doing things with the grandparents has serious benefits.  Notice we are sans toddler in this picture.


We didn’t last long in the baseball game.  We got free seats through my mom’s company for their company picnic and they were terrible bench seats right in the sun.  So, we walked around, had some beers, took in the atmosphere, let Carter play on the playground for a bit and then we left.  On our way out, we noticed that all the blowups from the picnic were still inflated with 2 or 3 kids playing on them.  So, first Carter got to try out the small bounce house.  He was pretty crazy about it and got a big kick out of jumping and throwing himself down.


Jeff got a little bored with watching Carter bounce, so he had a little batting practice while he waited.

IMG_2919 IMG_2920


But this slide was the best!  The look on Carter face said it all.  Jeff and Carter went up and slid down over and over.  Carter never got tired of it.  Soon my Mom and I got in on the action, too.  My dad took a hilarious picture of me trying to climb up, though I’m glad I don’t have it and can’t show it here.  It wasn’t of my best side.  In my mind, I imagined I’d just scale the thing, but it was much more difficult than it looked.


Then, after we were all ready to collapse, we hopped back on the trolley and rode back to our car.  I must’ve snapped about 20 pictures of Carter on the way back.  I just couldn’t get enough of the precious look on his face and the beautiful light of a summer evening.  Having a night of pure fun was just what we all needed.  I had almost forgotten the almost high feeling I get from totally letting go of myself.  It was great for me and Jeff as well.  We had the best talk about nothing in particular after we got home that night.


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