My Menu and Shopping List

This entry may be a complete bore to many of you, but so many people have asked me what I buy, how I get it so cheap and how I make actual healthy meals of it each week.  So, since I already write those things down I thought I’d throw them on here for you three that may be interested.

I build my list off of the weekly coupon matches that I get off of Southern Savers.  If you’re interested to see which coupons I used and how much I ended up paying for a particular item, you can find that on the website.  I don’t buy ALL things with coupons.  The ones I had coupons for have a (c) next to the item.  A friend asked me if I use a coupon to buy something if it’s not on sale.  No.  I don’t, unless the coupon is about to expire.  Otherwise, I want to keep it for when the item goes on sale and I can use my coupons to get it at free or nearly free.

Also, I should mention that I buy all my meat for the month on the first Monday at Costco.  It costs me around $40. (I don’t eat a lot of meat, really–mostly fish and chicken)

My List:

rice pilaf
lemon juice
green tea bags (my splurge this week–I like the good stuff)
Coffee Mate creamer – 2 (c)
napkins (I ended up getting them for free with a peelie off of the plates I bought)
turkey sandwich meat
New England coffee (c)
Heluva Good dips – 3 (c)
Edy’s frozen yogurt – 3 (c)
Kraft singles cheese – 2 (c)
A1 sauce – 3 (c)
Kraft mayo (big ones) – 3 (2 c)
Kraft dressing (2 c)
Mueller’s pasta – 3 (c)
Ragu sauce – 2 (c)
BC Brownie mix – 6 (c)
O.R Natural popcorn – 3 (c)
Dixie plates – 2 (c)
sour cream
Bic lighters (Rain Check from last week) – 3 (c)
P.F. hamburger buns (c)
Philly flavored cream cheese – 3 (c)
Planters mixed nuts (c)
O.M. hot dogs – 2 (c)
3 baking potatoes
flour tortillas
ground chicken
ground turkey
2 roma tomatoes
frozen organic sweet potatoes – 2 (c)
refried beans
penny item: Publix pasta sauce

I also had 3 coupons that were not directly related to items I bought:  $1 off fresh meat (Publix Baby Club), $5 off $25 in meat and veggies (Whole Foods) and $10 off $40 purchase (Bloom).  Publix takes all competitor coupons.

The total for everything was $178 ad some change.  I paid $54

This week we’ll eat:

Monday:  BBQ chicken, corn on the cob and roasted potatoes

Tuesday: baked tilapia, rice pilaf and sauteed squash and zucchini

Wednesday: pasta w/ mushroom sauce, add sauteed chicken, salad

Thursday: baked salmon, asparagus, baked potatoes

Friday: chicken burritos

Saturday: hot dogs (for Jeff–not me–bleh), turkey burgers, cole slaw, home fries

Sunday: out to eat


2 responses to “My Menu and Shopping List

  • Whitney

    I am completely jealous of the coupons you can use! In our area, there is one grocery store chain that has pretty much bought out all of the others (save Whole Foods and Sun Harvest, both of which are a long drive from us). Because of that, there’s no competition, and no way to really get in on deals! 😦
    I do use coupons, but as for getting stuff for free while on sale and using a coupon, it just doesn’t happen.
    One of my favorite tricks since I buy organic milk and it’s pretty pricey: check to see if any are expired; the store has a policy with milk and other dairy that you get a free one if you find an expired one. That’s about as grand as it gets.
    This has, however, made me think I can be making more of an effort…
    Good post! I didn’t find it boring at all! 🙂

    • mindofmandi

      I’m so glad that someone found this post helpful! I just kind of threw it out there one day, thinking that perhaps someone could benefit from all the time I spend planning and organizing.

      Where do you live? Do they accept competitor coupons (ex – Target)? What is the big chain store there?

      Do you have a Costco near where you live? They carry a TON of organic items for cheaper than you can buy non-organic. I get organic milk there for a great price. Also, check out for some great coupons on organic stuff.

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