Dear Carter – 20 Months

Dear Carter,

You are growing up and changing before my eyes.  I know that seems strange that I’d say that at the tender age of 20 months, but it feels so true.  You’ve developed such independence.  You want to do everything yourself and if you get unsolicited help, you cry and scream and fall down on the floor.  I don’t let this bother me because I know it’s who you’re supposed to be.  You’re brilliant and you have your own wonderful ideas about how you’d like things to be done.  Someday you’ll be able to share those with me and I CAN’T WAIT to hear them.  Just a warning, though, I may disagree with you.

For example, right now you think it’s a good idea to cross the street or parking lot by yourself and you don’t want anyone to hold your hand.  You scream and fall to the ground whenever I tell you that someone is going to have to hold your hand.  I just want you to know that, even though it makes you angry, I’m doing it because I love you and never, ever want to see you hurt.

A few weeks ago I left you and went away on a trip for 3 days.  When I saw you again, you had learned so much!  You held up markers to me and told me what color they were.  I was amazed!  They say that every mother thinks their child is the smartest child ever, but I think I’m right.  🙂  The colors were only the start.  Only days later we were outside planting flowers.  I told you that we were going to plant 3 in the pot.  I put one in and said “one”, as I was grabbing the second one, you said, “two”.  I didn’t realize that you could count or even SAY the names of numbers.  Now you’ll count with us to five and you like to say the names of other numbers.  But that wasn’t all, that same week we were drawing in the floor of your playroom.  I drew a balloon and you said “balloon”.  Then, I put the letter B beside it and you said “B”.  I nearly screamed with excitement!  I kept drawing images and writing letters and you kept saying them back to me.  Carter, I didn’t teach you any of those things, but you were ready to learn them so you picked them up and made them yours.  WOW!  Since then, we’ve been having a lot of fun learning more together.

I’ve also noticed that you’ve realized that all the words that you know can become words that you say.  Just yesterday we were in your room.  You took a book off your shelf that you wanted me to read.  The name of the book was “Time to Say Please”, so you brought it over to me saying “Peease, peease, peease.”  I absolutely love that I can learn things about you from the things you tell me now instead of just your actions.  As you’re learning new words, I’m going to be learning to understand what you’re saying and why, so I’m praying every night that you’ll develop a patient spirit as we work out all this together.

I love you.  I’m proud of you and I’m so glad that God gave you to me.



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