Weeded Out and Pretty

I spend a fair amount of time reading other blogs.  I’m going to start linking to some of the great ones so that you, too, can partake of the brilliance and knowledge of great bloggers.  I do the weeding work and you reap the benefits, my friends.

This article from one of my favorite children’s ministry blogs, Elemental Children’s Ministry, makes a good point about how churches can learn from the appealing, helpful and useful environment of an Apple store.  And, this one makes some interesting points about drinking alcohol and church.

Perry Noble hits the nail on the head when he talks about how your ministry methods will always be attacked, no matter which ones you use.

Ragamuffin Soul (Carlos Whittaker) shows that Jesus can touch you through the simplest of situations–even when in a Starbucks.  And, I laughed and laughed at this Jazzercise video from 1982.  Are they serious?

Stuff Christians Like is hilarious and well-written and picks fun at silly, stupid things that we do as Christians.  This is my favorite entry of the week.

I’ve lost count of how many people have asked me about the “how to’s” of couponing this week.  This getting started guide is packed full of so much great info and can really get you on the right path to saving a lot of money.


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