Strange Days

Last week (M, T and W) I attended the DRIVE Conference at North Point Church in Atlanta.  This church is who we models ours after (loosely, not to the detail) so it was pretty amazing to spend time in a place that is doing what we want to do, but on a HUGE scale.  I think that somewhere around 20,000 people attend their multiple services and locations.  Wow.  While we were there, we got to attend 3 main sessions with their pastor, Andy Stanley, and 5 breakout sessions on topics that interest us in the area where we work for the church.  Since I do a little admin, a little teaching and a little computer graphics, my sessions were pretty varied.  In the midst of this entire experience, I got smacked in the face with some serious self-revelation.

Half of my job at church is to plan and organize the 3 nursery/preschool classes and I am currently the only one who teaches the Preschool class every Sunday.  When our first nursery/preschool director quit, I stepped into the role because…well…I’m a teacher.  And because that’s what teachers do.  They teach and work with children.  I imagined that as the church grew that I’d eventually just be full-time working and planning for the children.  Because that’s what I do and that’s what I’ve always done.

But, back to the face-smacking that happened at the conference:  I was in a session about service programming, which overall involves perfecting the “live experience” of the service each Sunday.  While I was in the session learning about a kick-butt way to organize meetings and how to create a “buzz” around a message series and how to direct a service I began to get really fired up.  Something inside me began to shift.  I attended some more sessions on teaching and some more on admin and a Q and A and by the end of it all I realized something pretty scary–I may not be spending the rest of my life teaching children. I know that untimately, our church will grow to the point that there is someone (or several someones) on staff that manage each of the areas that I do all by myself right now.  When it comes down to the ones I could bare to let go of, teaching isn’t one of them.

I took a spiritual gifts test a few years ago and found that I am a SAT – Server Administrator Teacher.  The first two are your main gifts.  When I took it I couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t have been a teacher first.  But, now I think I know that I had that gift in me with no chance to put it to use or allow it to grow.  Now that I am, I can see why it’s higher than the Teacher in me.  I’m not saying that I’m so great at it.  Believe me, I still have A LOT to learn.  But, when I’m doing those things that use that gift I feel like I’m right where I’m supposed to be doing exactly what I’m supposed to do.  That’s pretty special, if you ask me.  So, I don’t know where this is going to take me, but it’s just good to know.

Have you ever had a revelation like that in your own life?


2 responses to “Strange Days

  • Victoria

    I’m finally trying to catch up a little on reading your blog. Every time I do, at least one entry, if not all, reminds me of how amazing I think you are! Sorry if that sounds a little warm and fuzzy. That’s not usually me! But for your age (at least compared to mine), you have accomplished so much and grown well beyond your years. I always feel like you are older and more experienced than me and that I could learn a lot from you. I wish I could say/write that in a much more eloquent way. I so wish that we lived closer together so we could actually have an everyday friendship. And, speaking of, if it didn’t sound like you were totally busy the entire time, I’d be really upset you didn’t contact us while you were in Atlanta!!! 🙂

    • mindofmandi

      Thanks for the huge compliments. I don’t get called “amazing” too often and I think I kind of like it.
      I feel the same way–I wish we lived closer so we could hang out, communicate in ways other than typing/reading and let our kids have a real relationship.

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