I Got My Miracle

Getting an answer to my prayers and having my needs met doesn’t surprise me because when I said that I was expecting a miracle, I really meant that.  But, it does “get” me.  I’ve been praying for a financial miracle…for about 2 months now.  I haven’t worked full-time for over a year and Jeff’s job pays straight commission.  Each month we have these darn bills that just keep coming despite my willing them away.

Last Friday I turned down a job and that turning down was a definite step of faith.  Trust me, I would have felt a lot more financially secure in taking it…and that’s a biggie for me.  The logical side of my mind had a tough time saying no, but my heart wouldn’t let me say yes.  So, there was me — out on my limb of faith.  Tuesday night I got a big confirmation that I’d done the right thing and that God would continue to take care of us as He has since I quit my job.  We were in Atlanta in the hotel room after a LONG day at the DRIVE 09 Conference.  I logged on to peek at the bank account and noticed the balance on the household account was larger than I remembered it being.  I check the details and see that Jeff has been paid nearly $750 from a company he hasn’t worked for in over 9 months.  My eyes zoned in on it and immediately my brain crunches the numbers and I know that we’re going to make it almost exactly.  I covered my mouth and got quiet and soaked in the love, protection and peace that was surrounding me.  Miracles do happen.


2 responses to “I Got My Miracle

  • Lauren

    i’m praying that our miracle doesn’t come from my parents 🙂 God has a way and i can’t wait to tell you guys about it! i’m really happy for you

  • Beth

    God is good to us! I saw your post on facebook and was waiting to read the story on your blog. 🙂

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