Craziness Ensues

There are just some weeks when the craziness seems to take over.  This was mine…and it started on Sunday.

Easter was a blast!  Now that Carter is starting to understand SO MUCH that is going on around him, every experience is so amazing to him.  Watching your child do something for the first time is really a gift and it has given me a totally new perspective on how I plan things for him to do each day.  Despite getting a call Saturday morning letting us know that Jeff’s grandfather had passed away, we still went to Anderson for Easter.  First was church at Jeff’s mom’s church, which shall remain nameless since I’m about to say something not so nice about them.  They’ve been in existence for over 6 years now, but there are some areas that were really lacking.  Most people probably wouldn’t notice, but because I work at a church in the area of computer graphics and children’s ministry those things really stand out to me.  Making services wonderful is something we spend hours upon hours discussing at our staff meetings.  I couldn’t believe their children’s rooms weren’t set up when it was time for service to begin and we had to hunt someone down to check in Carter.  Then, the music was pretty rough and the graphics were very inconsistent.  For me, it was distracting, though I guess for everyone else it’s probably no big deal.

Then, we were off to Ruth’s unfinished, but still very beautiful and useable house for lunch.  There must’ve been about 20 people there…only about of half of whom I knew.  My favorite part of the day was eating lunch at the table with Jeff’s grandmother (whose husband has passed away just the day before).  She was at one end of the table and Carter was at the other.  While they were eating, he began to play peek-a-boo with her and it made her smile and laugh and you could just feel her let go and enjoy herself.  I felt proud that Carter brought that joy to her day.

Ruth really went all out with the Easter egg hunt.  I brought 2 dozen plastic eggs and 2 dozen real eggs.  She probably had 5 dozen so plastic eggs of her own.  We didn’t actually hide them all, but the 2 or 3 dozen that we did hide took FOREVER for Carter to find and put in his basket.  We had to leave by 2:00, to get home and get a few things done before leaving to set up OUR church, but if we hadn’t have to leave I think he wouldn’t walked around all afternoon picking up eggs and popping them open.

Here are a few shots from our day:

After “doing” Easter in Anderson, we came home, dropped our stuff on the kitchen table, changed clothes and then went to create Easter at our own church.  I have to say that I thought we did a flawless and beautiful job.  Most Sundays I am teaching the Preschool class, but this week we gave all our volunteers the week off so that they could enjoy Easter with their families (the elementary children and the infants were in the service and the toddlers/preschool were taught by hired babysitters).  So, I had the honor of participating in a 6 person painting.  While Brad preached his message about The Thief, we were painting across the front of the auditorium.  Then, the band came up and while Jeff sang the song “Thief” by Third Day we did some flipping and arranging and rearranging and reflipping of our paintings (all choreographed and timed) only to put the last piece in to complete the picture as the song ended…and you really couldn’t tell what it was until then.  Here’s a shot of the final arrangement:


There should be a video up soon on YouTube showing the entire process.  I’ll post the link when it’s ready.

Then, Monday was “receiving friends” for the Presley family.  Jeff went, but I didn’t think Carter could handle it so we stayed at home.  Just curious, does anyone besides me find this to be an odd and slightly creepy tradition?

Tuesday was the funeral for Jeff’s grandfather.  It was a really touching and beautiful (and LONG) tribute to his life.  Carter did pretty well for the first hour, but then I had to take him out of there.

The rest of the week is busy, but by Thursday life should settle back into it’s normal routine…ahh.  Til then, g’night.


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