Dear Carter – 19 Months

Curious Carter

Dear Carter,

I am so glad that you are finally well and back to your old, fun self again.

We’ve had a lot of fun this week going place together and exploring.  Today we went to the zoo with some friends and you were so much more interested in seeing the animals this time than when we went a few months ago.  I think your favorite animals are the birds.  You laugh when they start flapping their wings.

I was thinking today about how, at your first birthday, I told everyone how amazed I was at how much you had changed in just one year’s time.  You went from a little baby lump that just grunted and slept to a precious little boy who interacted with people and the world around you.  At that time, though, you were still a month and a half away from walking.  Once that started, we entered a whole new game!  Suddenly you had an opinion and feelings about everything.  You could show me what you wanted and you could let me know when you didn’t want something.  Your personality started to come out — and that has been an amazing thing to watch.  You are such a curious little boy.  You want to see how everything works.  You have a ride-on Tonka truck, but rather than ride it most times, you’d rather flip it over and spin the wheels.  You are taking in EVERYTHING we do and say these days and I’ve had to start watching what I say.  This morning I stubbed my toe and said “PISS!” and I looked at you to make sure that you weren’t going to repeat it.  Thank goodness you didn’t.  I made a mental note to go ahead and remove that word from my vocabulary.  Now I’m thinking that you’ve changed so much MORE from 1 year to 19 months than you did in your first year.  You are really becoming YOU and it is an exciting thing to watch.

Your favorite thing to explore is the outdoors.  Next door, at Papa and Yaya’s house, you’ll walk around their yard for hours picking up sticks and saying “STEEK” and pointing to rocks and saying “WOK”.  I’ll ask you, “Where are the trees” and you’ll point to them and “Where are the clouds” and you’ll point to them.  If we try to walk you back towards our house or take you inside theirs before you are ready, you’ll scream and arch your back so we’ll put you down.  I’m glad you’re the outdoorsy type.  I wouldn’t want you to get even a touch of my home-bodiedness.

I wish I could capture in a photo or video how much your Daddy is crazy about you.  He was ready for you to talk, and now that you are he’s having a field day trying to teach you new words each day.  Yesterday, he was reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to you and he taught you the word “moon”.  Though, you pronounce it “MEEN”.  Last night, I watched him chase you around the living room while you squealed with delight each time he’d catch you and throw you into the air.  I think that you’re glad we’re your parents.  We’re certainly glad that you made us parents and made us a family.  We couldn’t love anything more than we love you.  You are our favorite.

Bunches of Love,



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