Pancake Saturday

I’m big…no huge, really, into traditions. I think that’s why Christmas is my favorite holiday–it just oozes tradition for an entire month. About a month ago I started a new tradition on Saturdays. It’s called “Pancake Saturday”. At first, it was just the three of us, but then I included my parents and then my grandparents. I found a fantastic recipe for REAL buttermilk pancakes from Alton Brown, the food scientist. I just have to insert here that his recipes never disappoint. He truly knows the best way to make everything. I keep a large tupperware of the dry mix in the pantry and then on Saturdays I just have to add the buttermilk, eggs and melted butter and we’re in business. This morning they were blueberry.

My grandmother has been especially touched by this time together. Every Friday before she asks me if we are still on and smiles a happy smile when I tell her “Yes, we do EVERY Saturday.” She gets to see Carter run around the house in his jammies with his precious little fresh morning face. And, we all sit around one big table and talk. Today she said to me, “I am so glad we do this. It is so important to get together with your family. It is so special. Thanks for starting this and getting us together.”

What sort of traditions does your family have?


One response to “Pancake Saturday

  • Lauren

    that is so sweet! you’re so fortunate to live so close to your family! i love that your grandmother loves it, grandmas are so special 🙂 i wish i could spend more time with mine.

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