Hope and Change from a Plastic Flower

I’ve mentioned before that Jeff and I have been going to NewSpring on Sunday evenings and have been getting a lot from their “i want a new marriage” series.  It really hit us in all the places that needed a good kick in the butt.  Well, Sunday night, just as the snow was really starting to come down and accumulate in the yard, we were settling in to their Web Campus to see the final message in the series.  (Note:  when snow falls here in SC, people do not leave their houses)  The message was great.  It was from Genesis about the creation of woman and man and how that makes them different.  From that, he went into 6 questions we have to ask ourselves in marriage.  I can’t quote them all, you’ll have to listen to it yourself if you’re interested.  But, the greatest thing was at the end of the message.  He invited the men to come forward, come get a rose and invite your wife to renew your wedding vows right then and there.  Well, we were watching from home, so Jeff went to our flower pot full of pens with plastic flowers on the ends wrapped in floral tape and plucked one out.  He walked over to me and asked me to marry him again.  We stood in the middle of our living room with our hands around a plastic flower pen with his mother and our son watching and renewed our wedding vows.  It was really a beautiful moment with the snow pouring out of the sky and tears streaming from our eyes.  I believe this is the new start we’ve needed.  Words can’t fix everything, but they can be the start of a new path.

Afterwords, we went next door to my parents house for the reception.  We had crudités and ranch dip with mini turkey sliders (burgers) and baked potatoes with carrot cake and peach ice cream for dessert.  At least this time I got to eat something!


4 responses to “Hope and Change from a Plastic Flower

  • Lauren

    it’s been awesome to read about the steps you and jeff are making toward a healthy marriage 🙂 you guys are an inspiration! jeff doesn’t say much about his personal life at small groups, but when he does mention anything about you guys or his downfalls it’s very genuine and he seems sincerely determined to do what he has to do to make it right. i heart your blog 😛

    • mindofmandi

      That’s the sweetest comment. He really does try so hard to overcome a lot of junk from his past. We all have our baggage, I guess. My favorite part was that you “heart” my blog. Aw.

  • Robin

    Precious Mandi. You told me this story the other day and I got all choked up. Reading it here, I am having difficulty seeing the screen through my tears! This must have been a wonderful moment. I wish I could have been there as a Bridesmaid! I know that God is busy working on your marriage and strengthening it daily, as you allow Him to. You two are always in my prayers. Love you so much.

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