Friday Night in the Country

My brother and his girlfriend flew in this morning from NYC to spend his birthday weekend at home with family.  We had dinner together tonight. As I write this, I can smell myself. I smell like fried food.  Yes, I know, I broke one of my rules.  While I was at it, I broke a SLEW more.  My mom cooked a “take us back to our childhood” meal: cubed steak (and chicken done in the same fashion for me.  So, the not eating red meat was one rule that didn’t get broken.), lima beans, basmati rice, biscuits, gravy (it looked like a gallon) and cantaloupe.  If you eat the meal correctly, you must put the gravy on everything except for the lima beans.  If you have never tried white gravy on your cantaloupe, you are really missing out on a fine treat.  Then, for dessert we ate peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream.  Rules broken: No fried food.  No gravy.  No PHOs (Partially Hydrogenated Oils–they were in the bisquik mix that was used to make the biscuits and the peach cobbler topping.)  No ice cream.  How much I care: Zero.  None.  Sometimes life is meant to be experienced and rules are meant to be broken with reckless abandon.  That was tonight.  We had the greatest time together, reminiscing about younger days.  We are to the age now that we can talk to our parents like friends.  We can laugh about all the crap we did when we were just kids.  I guess that’s a right you earn when you become a parent.  We’re in the same category now and that brings a common understanding of “what it’s like”.  After dinner, Chad broke out his guitar and played some impromptu foot stompin’ tunes.  I caught a short video of Carter and my parents dancing and laughing.  This is the stuff of great memories.  Just before we left to walk home, Chad and Mom sang “Crying” by Roy Orbison.  If you know the song, you know it’s tough to sing when you’re being serious–and we were not.  I SO wanted to take a video of that one as well, but I know my mom would have KILLED me if I let anyone see her singing.  There is something so brave about singing out of tune.


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