So Interesting…

I really put the game (previous entry–below) on here thinking that I’d get little comments and see the different areas where you all live and the various ages of people who read this blog and the cool things that you do for a living.  But, I didn’t get that so much.  Since I posted that entry 24 people have read it and only 2 have left a comment about themselves.  That makes me wonder–are you people secretly stalking my life?  Obviously, I don’t care.  I created a public blog about my private thoughts, so it doesn’t bother me if you want to be a secretive reader.  I guess I was just really surprised because I didn’t realize that you’d want to remain anonymous to me and each other.  Although, that’s just part of the beauty of the internet.  You can surf around and drop in and out of people’s lives without them ever knowing about it.  In fact, I really love that about Facebook.  I can read about what friends have been up to since the last time I’ve seen them, look at pictures of their family and their adventures and tuck all that away for my own personal knowledge.  I now feel caught up and “in the know” and they never had to make an effort.

So to all of you shy ones in the blogosphere, know that I am not scared to know that you read about my life.  There is something so comforting knowing that I’m not the only one in this big world carrying my loads and experiencing my stories.  Through this blinking cursor and combination of computer code and colorful images, I’m crawling out of myself and finding that things that seem so complex when they are only thoughts, become manageable and fixable when they turn into words.  I get a lot out of writing about it, so I hope you get a little piece of something from reading it.


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