Breaking My Heart

I can’t tell you why, but it takes a lot to really break my heart and get me genuinely upset about something.  But, this story about the people of the Appalachian Mountains tore me right out of my frame.  Seeing the children, the poverty, the lack of hope and a future all makes me want to do something to help.  I don’t know what yet, but something.  If ever we need reminding of just how blessed we are and how much we have, it is today.  Please take a minute to watch this episode from ABC News on “The Children of the Mountains”.  (Click on the link that says “Watch Full Episode”)  I would love to share in your reactions.


3 responses to “Breaking My Heart

  • Beth

    What a heartbreaking story! The football player’s story really struck me…he tried so hard to get out. It must have just been heartbreakingly difficult for him to drop out of college and go home. And the girl whose mom was on drugs – she was really the mom to her mom and yet her hope for a better life lived on! I know the middle school part of our church youth group has taken trips to Kentucky every summer for many years. It seems like they have amazing opportunities to serve the people.

  • Lauren

    oh my gosh–cole and i feel the same way!! cole hardly ever has compassion for anyone, but that story really burdened his heart when we saw it. we have been asking God to show us a reputable ministry to donate to (or even volunteer for?) which ministers to them. we feel a kindred spirit with them, you know? this might sound weird but i think we have this sense that we need to help them as our fellow anglo-american brothers and sisters. it can be difficult relating to, say, poverty in africa because their culture and problems are so far removed from our culture and society. but with the people of the appalachian mountains we have in common geography, culture, and history. i just think, our ancestors could have fought in battle together, could’ve been friends, etc. some of them could even be distant relatives to us. i’ve known of their situations for a long time through watching tv programs about the history of mountain people and through talking with people from there once or twice. it’s fascinating but so sad. maybe this is God’s call for the church to start doing more for them. oh, i almost forgot–like i said, we asked God to show us a ministry for them…well, i went to consign some stuff at a store called “new to you” in chesnee the other night. they’re christians, okay, and the store is only open about a month at a time. at the end of it, they donate whatever wasn’t sold. i asked them where they donate to, and the owner told me “kentucky ministries”, which takes the stuff to the impoverished people of the mountains! i couldn’t believe it! although i did a google search and couldn’t find the ministry 😦 so next time i go up there i’m going to ask her for a contact number or email or something. pretty cool, huh? anyway, cole really related to the kid who played football of course…i could tell he just wanted to go up there and tell that poor guy that he can do anything through christ. it was just so sad that he gave up because he had no one to support him 😦

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