Valentine’s Day started out as what appeared to be a complete bomb.  The heart-shaped waffles and strawberries just weren’t all that special, and Jeff had to rush off for band practice.  We exchanged our gifts the night before.  I gave Jeff two “grungy” shirts for that side of his wardrobe and he picked up a couple of books for me the night before, one of which he’d given me 2 Christmases before.  I bought 2 cards nearly 2 weeks ahead of time but I couldn’t find them anywhere.  Losing things ticks me off pretty bad, so that bugged me for a while.  Jeff wouldn’t let me spend another 10 bucks replacing the cards, so I just had to forget about it.  We had planned to go to by his office to print a few things on Saturday afternoon and then exchange the book.  Some friends invited us to dinner and I asked Jeff if he had anything planned.  That was a NO.  So, we went out with them and had a great time.  After we came home and put Carter to bed, Jeff gave me a card.  The words inside and the emotions I had reading it took me back to when we first met. 

Here’s what it said:

Two years ago, two kids took a crazy chance in hopes of making a meaningful connection.  One flew far off to a strange place, risking rejection and ridicule; another opened their home and heart, risking life and limb.  Both were met with what would become an unlikely success in the series of love.  Perhaps chance, perhaps determination, but DEFINITELY God’s hand had guided both to each other, knowing what was capable from both working together.

In ALL the world, you were and are the answer to my prayer for love and companionship–you are the challenge to my selfishness — you are the reward for my selflessness.  I’m complete with you.  Together, we’ve stretched and grown, we’ve given, we’ve endured, we’ve built, we’ve reached out to others, and now we are raising a GREAT little man.  I couldn’t ask for more.  Please continue to push me, grow with me, keep me grounded, remind me of my place.  I hope our next 50 years together are as joyful as these last 10; if so, I will have lived life fully.

I love you!


Those words were such a comfort to me when inside my emotions were running wild with doubt and insecurity.  I don’t know what actions will follow, but I have faith that each day can be better than the one before.  

On Sunday morning we did our usual: get up early, set up church, do church down.  Then, Jeff had a flag football game to go to while Carter and I took a nap.  That evening we went to NewSpring Greenville and got to participate in worship together and hear a great message on getting a new marriage.  I really think that this series of messages over the next few weeks is going to challenge us to make our marriage what God intended it to be.  I can just hear the wheels turning in some of your heads now:  You go to 2 churches?  You work at one church and go to another church at night?  Absolutely I do.  If my only experience at church was working there each week, then I’d get so burnt out on it SO FAST.  This is my way to still appreciate what church is to people who attend, rather than take it all for granted as an event that I help plan each week.  And, I am not above letting more than one person speak wisdom from the Word of God into my life on a regular basis.  I need all the wisdom I can get.


One response to “Hope

  • Beth

    I’m so glad that “Valentine’s Day” redeemed itself. Isn’t it amazing how words like the ones you received can give us hope to hang in there through tough times.

    And on another note…I feel very privileged to have been added to the “thinker” list. Actually it makes me chuckle as I don’t think of myself in that way at all! 🙂

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