February 16, 1999 – Reactions from Being “IRL” (in real life) with Jeff

Love week continues…

As I said at the beginning of “Love Week”, Jeff and I met on Valentine’s Weekend 1999.  I don’t have any emails or chats from those days obviously because we were IRL–in real life–and that was necessary.  We’d done enough typing in the past month and a half.  

This is an excerpt from my first email to Jeff after he returned home, after what was a dream became what was real.  

Hello my precious boy!

I want to write some things out in words just to make sure that you know them:

My heart skipped a beat when I saw you walk up in the airport.  I didn’t really feel nervous at all about seeing you (total lie there, Mandi) because I knew you already.  I knew I loved you and I knew exactly what you would be like.  I knew I was about to meet my husband–so, when I saw you coming towards me I could do nothing but smile at you and hold you close and thank the Lord for bringing you to me.

Though our first kiss was admittedly awkward, it was still so sweet the way that you instantly closed the door to Jason’s room and took me in your arms for that kiss.  I that we got much better at it quickly.  🙂  Don’t you?

Looking at your face makes me feel peaceful.  It is such a comfort.  I think you have a beautiful face.  I love to just sit and watch you talk.  It mesmerizes me to watch your expressions change as you move through a story, and I love it when I enter into something and a sweet smile spreads across your face.  I love it when you glance over at me and grin.  There were some looks that I just claimed as mine.

I was so proud to introduce you to everyone that I knew as well as walk across campus with you, showing you off to people that I don’t even know.  I like the way that you hold yourself–confident, but not overly confident.  In my opinion, everything about you is just right, especially for me.  I expect to get some questions about who you are in the next few days from people that have seen us together.  I’ll proudly tell them that you are the love of my life.

Thank you for giving me three incredible days.  I think it will be enough to hold me over until the summer. (We didn’t wait that long to see each other again.  I flew to AK for my Spring Break in early March, not even a month later.)  I have a ton of things in my heart now to tell me that we are real.  For now, I can live with that easily.

I love you with all that I have in me.




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