It’s Tough Being a Baby

This is my other big love of my life, so I felt it was appropriate to bring him into the love week posts.  Carter is really coming into his personality in the past month or so.  He’s no longer this constantly smiling little guy bopping around the house.  Suddenly, he wants things and he wants them now and he wants them just the way he imagines or watch out because here comes a full-out WHITE TRASH FIT.  Falling on the floor, arms above the head and this squuuueeeeellll.  You’ll see when you watch the video!  

I take these little one minute or so glimpses into his life pretty often, but this one I had to share.  Carter hasn’t quite grasped the concept of keeping food on a spoon yet.  He thinks that it should just STICK.  This is his attempt at sticking some cereal to the spoon that is met with much frustration.  You might notice the camera shaking.  That’s me laughing.


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