Healthy Living Tips

I’m all about finding tips for living healthy.  I get Real Simple magazine and their weekly newsletter.  This article got my attention because it talks about ditching your diet.  Shortly after getting married, I put Jeff and me on every diet that came down the pike, but I was MISERABLE and there’s one thing about diets–you can’t eat like that forever.  So, it was a useless waste of my time and the ultimate result was frustration.  I’d lose a ton of weight, but then got back to “real life” and get it all back.  I have starved myself more days than I care to recount.  I have deprived myself of various food groups and food types and food colors.  The biggest thing I learned from it is that I can.  Just give me a set of rules, and I can follow them despite any level of discomfort that it may cause me personally.  

Almost 3 years ago my father had his 3rd heart surgery while Jeff and I were living with my parents while building our home next door.  My father is very healthy, but heredity and his childhood eating habits have caused a lot of problems for him.  Around the same time someone gave my mother the book You: The Owner’s Manual.  This book goes through every body system and tells you how to take the best care of it.  In the back of the books, there’s a healthy eating plan and recipes.  While taking care of him that summer, I read the book and implemented every single healthy habit I could get my hands on.  I cooked did all the grocery shopping, cooked all the meals, prepared every snack and made sure that everyone exercised every day.  None of us “needed” to lose weight, but we all lost between 20 – 35 pounds that summer.  And, we didn’t not deprive ourselves AT ALL.  We simply ate good food and stayed active.  We still had dessert every other night.  We still drank wine with our meals–in fact, we were supposed to have some red wine and some dark chocolate every day.  I’m not nearly as regimented as I was then, but I still eat healthy and exercise.  This online menu planner is great from the You folks.  They didn’t have this when I changed my lifestyle, but it would’ve made the planning aspect so much easier.  You can print out your menu for the week and it even generates a shopping list.  The next book they wrote was You: On a Diet.  I read that one, too and it goes much more in depth on how different foods and eating habits affect your body.  I like it, too.  On their site, there’s also a little quiz that will determine your “real age”, kind of like what they do on Biggest Loser in the beginning.  It’s very eye-opening.

Just recently I’ve heard a lot about the Hungry Girl cookbook.  I don’t own the cookbook yet, but it seems like it would be great.  It’s real food prepared in healthier ways.  There are some cool recipes on the website, too.  I’m gonna check it out and try the recipes.  If anyone else does, let me know what you think.


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