Keeping a Clutter-Free Closet

I’ve told a few people about how I do this.  Each time I share this I see a lightbulb come on their minds just like it did with mine when I heard this simple tip.  I’m always looking for ideas to keep my house light and clutter-free.  I have no problem throwing things away–in fact my husband says I may throw TOO MANY things away.  I disagree.  I cannot function in a mess, but I don’t have time to clean and organize constantly.  Here’s the idea:

First, you have to keep only one season of clothing in your closet at a time.  If you’re not.  Invest in a few plastic tubs and DO IT.  It’s cold outside right now, so lighten your closet by packing up those summer clothes and putting them in your attic (or wherever).  Then, turn all your hangers the other way.  You know, turn them around and hang them from the back.  Each time you wear something, hang the hanger the right way–from the front.  Then, when it’s time to switch your clothes from winter to summer, put all the clothes that are still hanging backwards in a bag and GIVE THEM AWAY.  Someone else will wear them more than you and someone else needs them more than you so just LET GO.  When you hang up your summer clothes, repeat the same process.  I don’t remember where I heard this but I LOVE IT!

Do you have any easy organizing tips?  Please share.


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