Difficult Questions

I have to see if I can get a little insight on a few things before I head off to bed tonight.  I just got back from having coffee with my friends and our conversations were really DEEP tonight.  We talked about supernatural experiences that they and friends of theirs have had.  We talked about dreams.  But, finally we ended up talking about why bad things happen to good people.  I wish I’d had some insightful comment to share with everyone that could have shined a light and helped everyone say, “Oh, I see now.”  That’s not the way it happened.  My only pearl of wisdom was not really that wise, but rather only me stating the obvious.  

I said that bad things happen to good people because, really, bad things happen to everyone.  Just because you’re good doesn’t mean that you’ll be exempt.  A few people made comments about God choosing to take some and leave others because of their ultimate purpose on this earth.  I had to disagree.  God is not the taker of life, He is the giver of life.  He doesn’t inflict disease, He heals it.  He is good, but there is evil at work on the earth as well.  And, I also believe that we have to ask God to help us.  We can’t push Him out of our lives and deny His existence in one breath and then wonder why he didn’t heal our sickness in the next.  What if I told you He healed me?  Would you even believe me?  Yet, you’ll expect to receive healing?  

Do you have any insight?  Why does God allow bad things to happen to not only good people, but people who believe in the life, death and resurrection of His son?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


3 responses to “Difficult Questions

  • Lauren

    wow, it sounds like you guys had fun!

    i agree with what you said about the devil. i do believe someone can die before their time. and i believe that sometimes people die at their time in terrible ways. and just because it was a terrible way to die, doesn’t mean that they weren’t supposed to die that way–except in the instance of a violent crime, which i think is never a blessed way to go. like cole’s mom died in a motorcycle accident after a drunk person hit her, and she landed on her head. that was a terrible way to go, and certainly it was the fault of someone committing sin, but God assured cole that it was her time to go, and that carried him through that time.

    all in all though, i don’t think we’ll ever know the answer to that question. i went through a long season of doubt a couple of years ago and this was one of the questions i struggled with. i believed God didn’t cause anything bad to happen to people (as far as physical torment or death is concerned), but why doesn’t He, in His infinite power, protect good people and children from pain and death? there was a story out of england a few years ago about a couple of guys who were being released from juvenile detention for killing a 3-year-old boy. at the time of the crime they were only like 11 and 12, and they did absolutely horrific things to the little boy just for fun. i was angry that God didn’t stop them. and now i think i’ve come to terms with the fact that, as hard a pill as it is to swallow, God can only intercede for people who invite Him to (or when people pray for others). and maybe God tried to get people to pray for that boy. maybe He impressed them in their spirit to speak the secret prayer language for him and no one heeded. maybe He tried and tried to get his mother to not go to the market that day, and maybe she didn’t listen to her gut telling her not to. i mean, we just don’t know. you and i can probably tell of countless times we believe God delivered us out of a dangerous situatiion either because we were receptive to His voice, or someone was praying for our safety—i know i can.

    all in all, we have to start living in preparation for what we know: that we live in a sinful world, and authority over this world was given to us. we’re instructed to put on the whole armor of God every day, but how many of us do that? but when people listen to the flesh and the devil, they forfeit their power to the devil, and that is how he can kill, steal, and destroy our purpose and our lives. we as the church are not doing a good job. we have called the supernatural evil and weird. we haven’t invited the full measure of the Holy Ghost into our lives to intercede for us, or for others. on a certain level we sure do, and most of us in the church try our best. but for the most part, we don’t do what Jesus was able to do. we don’t “perceive” what people are thinking or when they need help. it’s my wholehearted belief that God gets involved with our life to the extent that we allow Him. you know about this ulcer thing i have–well God’s word has healed me a lot, but i haven’t received a complete healing, but it’s my fault. i’m the one bloacking it.

    my mom always prayed for our safety, and bad things have happened to us, but we have been delivered out of many, many potentially life threatening situations because she invited God’s power into the earth on our behalf.

    i also believe in God’s grace. i’m sure you’ve heard pastors say, “when you sin, you get out from under God’s protective umbrella.” i think that’s true to a certain extent, but for believers, i think that’s where His grace comes in. we all sin, many times unintentionally, and that’s where His grace has our back. that’s just me though 🙂 and again, “what a man thinks, so is he…” if you’re not sure of God’s protection or don’t know God at all, one could see themselves as a victim of this world and therefore fall victim to this world. and Jesus promised us we would have trouble, but He assured us that He has already overcome the world.

    still, bad things happen. like michael w. smith’s little girl being accidentally killed. if it can happen to his family, it can surely happen to us. but that’s part of faith, accepting that there are questions that might never be answered on earth, and still believe.

    you can listen to this while you’re being mommy…

    sorry that was so long. hopefully not boring too!

  • neverknow

    God does allow bad things to happen to good people, but he does not cause them. He never inflicts sickness or death on anyone. All of the bad in this world are a result of the actions of Satan, read 1 John 5:19. Rev 12:9 also clues us in when it talks about Satan misleading the entire inhabited earth.

    We must always remember that God is Love.

  • unexpectedthankyou

    Here’s what my pastor said last week. He said sometimes God uses a little bit of pain to move us forward…speaking about the book of Acts. The church had slowed down in spreading the gospel and then persecution came. Then the church was out again spreading the gospel.

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