Mom Peeves

As a mom, I’ve developed a few Mom Peeves.  But there is one that stands out above the rest.

I cannot stand it when someone comes into contact with my child and notices something about him (usually something that is wrong), tells me about it, questions whether or not I’ve noticed it and then questions what I’m doing about it.  Here’s how it would go:

Person:  Oh, hi there, Carter.  Mandi, oh my goodness, have you seen this rash on his neck?
Mandi:  Yes.  It’s’ been there a few days.
Person:  Well, are you putting vaseline on it three times a day. (whatever)
Mandi: No, actually I’ve been putting lotion on it.
Person:  Well, you should try vaseline.

I don’t appreciate being treated like I pay no attention to my child and that I don’t care enough about him to try to take care of him.  My mother in law and my grandmother are just the worst about this.  They see him maybe an hour or two a week versus my 24 hours a freakin day!  I know his every move, every sound, every change in his mood–EVERY. THING.  

My grandmother really comes up with the most creative ways to meddle and worry for no good reason about Carter.  But, this one from last week really takes the cake.  She told me that one night when it was very cold she was in her bathroom and noticed a little ice forming around the bottom of the window. (She has a very old house with weird windows) She touches the window and it’s cold and she can feel a little cold air coming in.  So, the next day she comes to my house and begins to tell me why I must move Carter’s bed to another location in his room, “Mandi, it’s cold by the windows and he’s going to get sick sleeping in the cold.”  (I can imagine she’s been losing sleep over this)

First, I’m not rearranging my son’s room because I love it just the way it is.  I tell her that our windows don’t let any cold air in at all and that if they did and Carter got cold he’d cry until I came into his room and fixed it.  But, I assured her that he sleeps all night long without waking up so he must be just fine.  That calmed her for a few minutes.  Then, she wanted to talk about the types of pajamas I put him in.  Are they warm enough?  Do they all have feet?  You know, Mandi, babies don’t keep covers on them all night like we do.  

Oh my goodness, I am 12 again.


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