Things About Me Week

These little “tell me stuff about you” things are making their way around to me this week and I thought I’d share the answers on here.  Feel free to copy and paste with your own answers.

16 Random Things About Me (Facebook)

1. I live next door to my parents (and across a cow pasture from my grandparents)–and it’s a good thing. I LOVED growing up here and I dreamed of being able to build a house and be able to raise my children in this same, wonderful place. 

2. My first job was at Quincy’s when I was 15. I was the tea girl and I moved all way through the ranks there: tea girl, hostess, cashier, then FINALLY waitress. I can’t believe I worked at a place with a buffet. I no longer eat at buffet restaurants.

3. I have lost touch with everyone I knew in college. It’s sad, really. I was really close with some wonderful people. LIfe gets in the way, I guess.

4. I have driven 5 cars since I was 15–a Volvo Turbo, a Honda Accord, an Acura Integra, another Honda Accord, and now a Chrysler Pacifica

5. I despise scary and violent movies. I don’t see why anyone would watch them because for me I find no pleasure in watching someone else in pain.

6. I don’t allow my son to watch tv. He’s 16 months now, but I don’t plan to let up on that at all, ever. Sure, he’s seen tv here and there, but he has no shows and knows no characters and I’d like for it to stay that way. As a result, I’ve also stopped watching tv and I’ve found so much of my life that I was missing! I’d like for my son not to loose those parts.

7. I’m very shy. I say this to people and they don’t believe me. I suppose I find ways to rise above. My friend Robin has taught me to do things “on behalf of myself” if I feel a little hesitant. 

8. I work for a church. I never thought I’d work for a church. I guess I didn’t think that I would ever be enough of a spiritual example to be in a position of leadership in a church. But here I am and I’m loving it! It pushes me to my creative limits and I’ve had to learn to work with people. You might say, “Mandi, did you have to work with LOTS of people in the education profession??” Yes, but that was different. In education, when I spoke, parents and students (and some other teachers) listened. Now, everything is a discussion, consideration or decision. That’s new for me.

9. I don’t wear panty hose. I’m sure that a man invented panty hose because they are the single most uncomfortable thing that a person can put on their body. YUCK!

10. I love to cook. I love to eat. I will never again diet. Diets are crap and they don’t work. It’s my goal to maintain a lifestyle of health and happiness. I think both can go a long way.

11. I’m addicted to blogs. I seriously love to read about what other people think. Not that I have this much time, but I believe I could sit for an entire day and click from blog to blog reading about different topics. I attempt to write one, too. Sometimes it’s weird and irrelevant, sometimes it’s therapy–but it’s fun for me.

12. I met my husband on the internet. Not everyone knows that. Most people are surprised by that–I guess because we seem pretty normal.

13. I don’t make friends easily. Don’t take that the wrong way. I make acquaintances easily. I have LOTS of those and love them dearly. But, there are few people that I tell my true feelings to–in fact, only 2 come to mind: Jeff and Robin. I’m not what you’d call an open book. 

14. I eat 2 scoops of frozen yogurt each night before I go to bed. There are 2 reasons for this: it tastes really good and eating certain things (not ANY thing) before bed help to maintain a steady metabolism overnight. Publix has the BEST and the most yummy flavors.

15. I was a tomboy as a child. A 4-wheeler ridin’, bug collectin’, hangin’ out with the boys, swore I’d never get married tomboy. I’m not sure when that changed, but it did drastically. Thank goodness.

16. I’m an incredibly scheduled person. I find comfort in this. I clean my house and get groceries every Monday, I work all day on Tuesday, I go to playgroup on Wednesday, I shop on Thursday, I pay bills on Friday, I make waffles on Saturdays and I go to church and nap on Sundays. It goes so much deeper than just that, but trust me–you don’t wanna know.


20 Things About Me (Email)

1.  Full name:  Amanda Nicole Yarborough Presley but I go by Mandi Yarborough Presley
2.  Place of birth:  Greer, SC — in the house right next door to where I live now.
3.  Favorite day of the week:  Today.  I enjoy something about each day.
4.  Favorite TV show:  What I should say:  24  What the truth is:  American Idol or Biggest Loser
5.  Favorite sport to watch:  Do I have to pick one?  I will tolerate any sport, but I simply cannot pick a favorite because that would imply some level of enjoyment.  Sorry–not going there.
6.  Favorite sport to play:  Does walking on a treadmill in an air conditioned gym count?  I don’t do dirt and sweat.  
7.  Most attractive feature of the opposite sex:  Intelligence and openness
8.  Book you’re reading right now:  The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks, The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian, How to Make Your Children’s Ministry the Best Hour of Every Kids Week by Sue Miller and  Principles of Effective Ministry by Andy Stanley (almost done with this one)
9.  Name the first 3 things you did this morning:    Took a shower, checked email and read blogs (while waiting for Carter to wake up)
10.  Favorite smell:  Anything baking
11.  Favorite food:  homemade pizza
12.  Favorite drink:  of all time: water (yes, really), currently (other than water): Dunkin Donuts made at home with Cinnamon Bun creamer
13.  Favorite piece of clothing:  my touch-the-floor bootcut jeans
14.  Beach or mountains?  Mountains, beach is TOO hot (but that’s always where we go…hmm)
15.  Beer or wine?  Wine, please.
16.  Kisses or hugs?  Hugs
17.  Fast songs or slow?  Fast, loud and hard
18.  Most prized possession from your childhood:  My memories
19.  What you’re most proud of:  Helping to start a church
20.  One thing about yourself you’d like to change:  You know, nothing comes to mind right off so I’ll go with that-NOTHING!

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