The Line

I’ve been rolling something around in my brain for a few days and I’d love some feedback on it.  The big question is:  Does being real ruin your witness or your image as a Christian?

Here’s me.  I’m just a screwed up soul that’s been saved from a dark existence by Jesus.  I’ve blogged about the crap that’s happened to me and blogged about how that crap continues to affect my life.  That’s real for me and though I could pretend it doesn’t exist, it will never leave from the shape of my life.  But, I work for a church and with that comes some level of influence.  Does being real in one realm make me lose my validity in another?  Give me your thoughts on this.  Should there be a line that isn’t crossed when you have a responsibility to a ministry?


5 responses to “The Line

  • Lauren

    and…the best influence you can have is to acknowledge your hangups and problems, and be a witness for how God can transform them into testimony

  • Lauren

    hey girl! i’ve asked myself the same question so many times! everyone else is so right on. the bible says we are to confess our sins to one another. and i think that can go into confessing struggles and strongholds and pasts that we’d rather forget. imagine if we all were totally transparent with one another…there would be so much more healing and transformation than there is in the church right now. no one trusts a faker!

  • Beth

    Mandi…I think it is so important for us to be real about who we are and what we have been saved from. I think church should be less of a place where we look around and feel like everyone is perfect and more of a place where we look around and see people who are struggling just like us, a place where we can find and give encouragement to one another for the journey.

  • Rebecca

    I believe that you should definitely be real! I know a LOT of people are turned off by churches where people pretend to be perfect. I’ve felt so much more comfortable at the edge because everyone seems so real. No one there is so “perfect” that you feel like you’re not good enough, and that’s what people need sometimes. And these imperfect people are some of the best and sweetest I’ve ever met.

    It’s much more difficult for someone to admit that they have problems, and I think that as long as they really are working to improve things then it’s okay. How many Bible stories talk about the great things someone did alongside their faults and sins? You’re honest, and that’s refreshing.

  • Jim Thornber

    It depends on who you are trying to influence and whose opinion you allow to shape your life. If you are looking to influence others who are struggling with their dark sides, then be real. They need to know there is someone who has been there and understands their struggles. If you are worried about the holier-than-thou self-righteous wolves in sheep’s clothing who wait around ready to pounce on anyone who does not meet their level of self-proclaimed religious holiness, then become a fake and march to their tune. But I think I already know which way you will go, and boy is that going to tick off some religious folk!

    Regarding stepping over a line, use wisdom. As they taught me in Bible college, “Believe all you preach, just don’t preach all you believe.” Then ask yourself one more question: “Am I serving God or my denomination?” You can take on any denomination and win with the right attitude. I know. I did.

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