A Closet Broccoli Eater Brought Into the Light


One night I was prepping for broccoli cheese soup.  Carter loves for me to hold him while I cook.  Just before this shot he’d been picking off pieces from the cheese mountain.  Then, I put that in and all that was left was a mountain of steamed broccoli.  He went for it and loved it.  He kept going back for more and I thought “I’ve GOT to grab my camera–on one will believe that my little veggie thrower has turned over a new leaf.”  



Carter has had it out for green veggies for a while now, but I took our pediatrician’s advice and continued to put it on his plate without making a big deal out of whether or not he eats any of it.  In addition to broccoli, he’s now eating asparagus, green beans and english peas.  YEAH!  This is huge.


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