Let me be fat and happy in December!

It’s 9:00 and Carter is still sleeping.  I’m not used to this.  He normally gets up at 7:30.  So, the house is quiet and my mind has time to wander.  

Jeff’s parents came over last night and we had a really great time just hanging out.  We ate pizza, watched a movie and played with Carter.  Everyone was smiling and laughing and talking.  Very nice indeed.

I don’t watch much tv, as I try to keep Carter away from it as much as possible.  But, when I have I’ve noticed way too many people talking about how to eat sensibly during the holidays and how not to gain weight and how to drink water at parties and only eat the veggie tray.  BLAH, I say.  There are 12 big ol’ months in a year and I spent 11 of those months obsessing about how much I eat, how healthy it is and whether or not I’m on the fast track to skinnyville.  For just ONE MONTH I’d like to not think about that.  I’d like to go to a party and enjoy myself.  I’d like to make cookies and eat a few.  I’d like to drink full-fat egg nog with a kick of whatever kind of alcohol in it.  I’d like to eat cheese, cheese, cheese–cheese balls, cheese straws, baked brie, cheese platters, cream cheese filled whatevers.  And, here’s the kicker, I’d like to do it all without guilt.  

Why should I feel guilty?  Eating this way is a not a lifestyle for me, it’s a holiday choice.  Sure, I may gain a pound or two, but those 2 pounds will melt off in January when I’m back to my obsessive eating habits.  So, this holiday I am going to enjoy myself and boycott all programs and commercials that try to convince me that it’s a bad thing.

One response to “Let me be fat and happy in December!

  • Lauren

    i agree! dieting at a party, when going out to eat once every blue moon, or even when making Christmas cookies–sucks the joy right out of this time of year! what a tortured existence life would be to have Christmas without eggnog! and cookies! and as much cranberry sauce as i want with my gravy! and TWO yorkshire puddings! and peach cobbler WITH ice cream!! i’m getting excited…now i get to bake cole a custard AND a pineapple upside down cake for his birthday 🙂

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