#3 is a Wrap…not literally, yet.


for Jeff's parents

for Jeff's parents

I worked all day on this and I have to say that the photo does not do it justice.  It is maybe my favorite thing I’ve ever painted.  I tried a couple of things I’ve never tried before on this one.  First, I blocked in colors, then I used a couple of different sized palette knives and scraped paint across the top of the colors in layers.  So, there is a lot of texture that you really can’t pick up in a photo.  Then, I gobbed a bunch of paint onto another rectangular scrap piece of canvas that I had to make the 2 gold rectangles.  When I got done “grunging it up” I was really happy with it, but then I had to put my little Mandi touch over the top of that.  I love to paint flowers, hence the semi-transparent vines growing all over it.  And the blue ones are the best–blue’s my favorite color.  This one’s gonna be tough for me to give away, but I guess that’s where the love comes in.


5 responses to “#3 is a Wrap…not literally, yet.

  • Rebecca

    Ooooh! I didn’t know it would transfer them. I’ll have to check it out. 🙂

  • mindofmandi

    I didn’t know if WordPress did that with replies. I know that Blogger did send you replies to comments.

    It was really easy to switch over. It automatically transfers all your entries.

  • Rebecca

    Oh, cool. I wish my blog did that . . . I may switch over one day.

    And no, I didn’t get anything. I just checked back and saw that you added a comment. Am I supposed to get an email when you reply?

  • mindofmandi

    Yes, I’m sure I could teach you!

    The blog snow is a wordpress “extra” option during the holidays that you can turn on.

    When I reply to these comments, do they get sent to you?

  • Rebecca

    Wow! I LOVE this one! Can you teach me how to do this? I really like the vines, by the way.

    Also, how did you get your blog to snow??? Haha!

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