Christmas Magic

Finally, the Christmas tree is up.  I simply love the way a room looks with a REAL Christmas tree in it.  It seems to invite magic to happen all around it.  And, on the first night that we had it up, I got to experience a little bit of Christmas magic.  Of course, Carter didn’t really get Christmas last year.  At just under 4 months old, he probably didn’t much notice all that went on around him and I don’t think he has any real memories of the occasion.  But, this year, though he may not remember it for long, has already been very exciting for him.  He watched Jeff bring in the tree and watched as I decorated it.  He wanted to take all the ornaments off as I put them on, so I decided then and there that it was an excellent time to learn NOT to do that.  There were a few fits and tears, but now he leaves the tree alone.  He knows he can touch and look at it, but if any ornaments come off I’ll not be happy about it.  Yesterday, one fell off and he brought it to me to put back on.  Priceless.  

I know that no parent likes it when their child wakes up in the middle of the night and pulls them from their warm beds.  But, there is something very special about this time–especially after they begin to get older and more independent.  The precious moments become too few and far between.  Don’t get me wrong.  I would never wish for Carter to wake up in the middle of the night just so we can spend time together.  There is just something so wonderful about the blanket of darkness, the neediness and the absence of distractions.  I’ve had many a memorable moment holding Carter when he wakes up in the middle of the night. This night was no exception.

Carter had been struggling with a runny nose and a yucky cough Sunday night.  Around dinner time, he ran a fever.  He ate a little bit, then I put him in a blanket sleeper and gave him a little Tylenol before putting him to bed.  He slept for about 2 and a half hours then woke up coughing and complaining (a little like crying, but not with as much effort).  I picked him up and he was sweaty and cool–his fever had broken.  Jeff and I were on the couches watching Wall-E with all the lights off and only the Christmas tree  glowing in the room.  As soon as I brought Carter into the room, he reached out for the tree and said “ooooh”.  He laid on me for a little while and was nearly back to sleep when he remembered the tree again.  He crawled off the couch and walked over to it.  His sleepy eyes looked at the ornaments and lights in amazement and he reached out to touch them several times as if he expected something magical and special to happen when he made contact.

I grabbed the camera and got some beautiful shots.  They are a bit blurry, but I refused to interrupt the moment with a flash.  I think that the blurry quality makes them seem more like memories.

And, here’s a short video that I took as well.  I love the excited sounds he’s making while just staring at the tree:


2 responses to “Christmas Magic

  • Beth

    The video and the pictures were so cute! Christmas with children seems to be such a magical thing…as a grown up I think I lose that sense of magic in the wonder of it all! Thanks for sharing the pictures and the video.

    By the way, I love that it’s snowing on your blog!

  • Rebecca

    Awwww! That is so sweet. What a great Christmas memory!

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