Blog Envy

Two nights ago I was working on my “Deck the Halls” entry for this blog. I had the laptop in my lap typing away, Jeff was on the other couch watching tv. Let me explain that I don’t really watch tv much. I keep it off ALL day because I don’t want Carter to watch tv. I’ve gotten really used it and I enjoy the peace, quiet and time to do other things. But, when Carter goes to bed we have a few shows that we like to watch. I almost always multitask during this time because I’ve found I don’t need my full attention to follow most shows. Well, 2 nights ago it suddenly bugged Jeff. As my fingers are clicking away, he turns to me and says:
J: What are you DOING?
M: Does it matter?
J: You’re addicted to that junk.
M: Junk? What are you talking about?
J: Facebook, MySpace, Blogging
M: Why is blogging junk? Do you even know what it is?
J: It’s like an online journal.
M: So why is that a bad thing?
J: I just don’t see why you would put that online for everyone to see. Why don’t you just keep a written journal?
M: Typing is easier. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with writing about my thoughts and not that many people read it. Do you?
J: No.
(Back to tv)

What the heck?!? Is Jeff envious of the time I spend WITH MY BLOG? The alternative for me is falling asleep on the couch while trying to watch tv, so I think this is much better. At least I’m conscious.


2 responses to “Blog Envy

  • Lauren

    wow i’m loving reading your blog! i should be folding laundry but this is way more fun! anyway–i get jealous of cole playing video games. he does it when we watch movies, after sex, before sex even (is that TMI? who cares), while i’m taking care of the kids–it’s a major buzz kill. maybe jeff wants to snuggle but is too manly to say it hahaha!!

  • Sarah

    Oh yeah, sounds like someone is feeling a wee bit jealous? Maybe it’s just a husband thing – Bobby gets all sassy with me sometimes when I’m type-typing away. Starts asking what I’m doing and if I’m writing about him. Um, no, sweetie.


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