The Anticipatory Smile

That’s just one of the great things that Carter has learned in the past month or so.  He knows when something funny is coming his way and he gets ready for it.  And, he has another one, too, but I don’t know the technical name for it.  Not only does he know when something funny is about to happen, but he knows when he is being funny.  If he’s making a great sound or silly expression, he laughs about it almost as if he’s encouraging you to laugh with him.  I love that.  He went from just laying looking cute (not too long ago, it seems) to a little boy who craves interaction.

Also, last week he just TOOK OFF.  I mean that.  My grandparents were over after they had gone to church on a Wednesday night visiting and it seemed like he wanted to show off for them.  He was pulling out toys and doing silly little things to make my grandmother laugh and all off a sudden, he walked very quickly across the room to me.  I was pretty shocked.  He could take 4 steps and I’d even seen him take 7 steps, but walking across the room was not yet possible until that moment.  It was pretty magical for me.  Even though he looks like an old, drunk man walking and swinging his arms, it’s still a beautiful site.  Since then he really hasn’t stopped.  He can get everywhere and into everything and FAST.  Before I can get one disaster cleaned up, there he goes off to another room to create another one.  We have started spending a lot of time out of the house.  I really don’t want his days to be filled with constant “No’s”, so I have to take him to places where there can be some freedom.  Too bad the weather is getting cool because the parks are about to be out of the picture.
I love how much he’s learning and growing.  I’m just ready for some WORDS now.  In 1 month and 6 days I take Carter for his 15 month check-up.  At 12 months he wasn’t really saying what I would call words.  Dr. Parker says that she wants 6 words by 15 months.  That’s a lot of pressure.  I’m wondering what she’s gonna do if he still isn’t saying much of anything.  Will I get a “Bad Mom” label to put on my forehead?  I swear I do all that I can think of for his language development.  And, as a teacher, that’s a lot.  So, I wait.  I wait and I wait and I wait for the first word.  My little guy has a great understanding vocabulary–he points to everything and wants me to tell him what it is.  And, if I ask him what things are or where they are, he can find them and point.  I guess he’s just not ready to spit them out yet.  In the meantime, I’m polling every mom I come in contact with.  When did your child start talking?  There’s such a wide range that I almost can’t believe the doctor is worried because it seems pretty normal for boys to wait longer than girls to speak out the words they know.  I’ll keep you informed.

4 responses to “The Anticipatory Smile

  • Lauren

    that pic of him is unbelievably adorable!

  • Rebecca

    He’s doing well, and I bet he’ll be talking soon. Even if he’s not saying much yet, you can tell he’s observing and learning a lot. He LOVED the books in the nursery!

  • Mandi Presley

    Not really, no. I’m certain that when he says “MaMa”, he means me now. But he’s still only talking in HIS language. As his vocal chords develop, I’m sure I’ll be able to get something out of it all. In the meantime, I’m trying not to stress about it and remind myself that it WILL happen when he’s ready.

  • Rebecca

    Good luck! Any progress with words yet?

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