Political Confusion

I don’t know who to vote for.  I do realize that there are only 19 little days between right now and Election Day.  It’s at times like these that I wish that I were someone who votes straight Democrat or Republican–but I’m not.  I always vote for the person.  The problem this go around is that I don’t really want either of these candidates running the country that I love so much.  I’m also taking things much more serious now that I have a child.  Is one of these goobers going to further screw up the US to the point that I’ll be scared and guilty about having my son grow up in such a place?  It’s not all that unlikely.  Just look at what the current administration has done!

I’ve tried to be very responsible and research what these two stand for, but none of their “talking points” are reaching out to grab me.  It seems like everyone has that “hot button” issue that is a deal maker or breaker for them.  For example, my husband is an insurance agent so health care issues and economic plans helped him decide.  For some it’s abortion.  For others it’s immigration or the War in Iraq.  I just have a very hard time thinking of any issue as black or white, so here I am–sitting right in the gray area on most everything.  I mean, take abortion.  Yes, I personally believe that it is WRONG and that there are certainly methods that are sick, sad and terrible.  But even Jesus Christ gives us free will, even though it could mean that some will spend eternity separated from Him.  So, who am I to say that it’s ok to take a woman’s will away when it comes to her decision on an abortion?  I pray she’ll make the right decision, but should I or anyone else FORCE her by law to make that decision.
Further dilemma: I flat out don’t trust Obama.  He has a sneaky face and I don’t think he’s much of a gentleman.  But, I’m not sure McCain has the balls to run this country.  He’s seems meek to me.  There are so many issues he should be throwing in Obama’s face, but he’s so polite that he just shakes his head and moves on.
What to do?  Some have suggested that simply vote for someone else, but I refuse to cast a vote that essentially won’t count.
19 days and counting to MY Decision 08.

4 responses to “Political Confusion

  • mindofmandi

    I love that you are commenting on all of them! Reading other people’s thoughts and opinions makes it interesting–like a conversation instead of just a monologue.

    Regarding abortion, believe me, I know it is WRONG and BAD BAD BAD. In college, I worked for the Women’s Clinic and was the one counseling teenage girls and praying with them and educating them on the cause. In order to do this, I had to watch videos of actual abortions at various stages being performed.

    I guess I just can’t wrap my mind around forcing someone to make a decision, even though it is the right one. I believe in praying for them, standing up for the cause, education and knowledge. But in the end, she still needs to be the one to decide. I just don’t think God has called us to take away anyone’s free will. Souls spending an eternity in hell, separated from God is just as serious a decision, yet He makes it clear that we can choose. Even though the wrong decision is eternally bad and breaks His heart, we still get to make that choice.

  • Lauren

    this is irrelevant now but if you don’t know already, it’s very hard not to say anything. JUST wondering and not trying to be antagonistic at all: would you feel the same way (in regards to abortion) if the child were outside the mother’s womb? maybe a month old? maybe four-years-old? i remember everyone’s horror when that woman cut her 5-month-old’s arms off. decapatating is essentially not out of the question in a late-term abortion. i look at quinn and remember when abortion was brought up by someone we knew. he was a fetus at one time. at his first ultrasound he was a little bubble torso with a little bubble head, he looked like a motorcycle. but that was him. same child as the one i have now. his DNA. his heart, his blood. his spirit. same baby. same person. just much smaller. a woman has a right to choose who to have sex with. she has a choice of education. she can choose what drug to take. a baby doesn’t have a voice. they don’t have a choice. their mother’s decisions are forced on them. we have to be their voice. i used to think the same way as you said. i’m not into pushing my beliefs on others. until one day God convicted my heart about it. as edmund burke said “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. i also didn’t understand about various methods of abortion before a several years ago. when i found the truth, i was pissed. now abortion issues i feel is what God made me for. we’ll see what happens! okay i have a life to get back to haha!! and i didn’t waste my vote, i voted for principle, i sowed my seed. God saw me on voting day when i told Him, if no one else, the kind of America i want for my children.

  • Mandi Presley

    HA! My brother has an old Volvo with a VOTE NADER sticker on the back. What the heck, why not?

  • HeatherW

    Finally. Someone who thinks my thoughts. I feel exactly the same way about these two, almost to the point of not wanting to vote for either (but that doesn’t solve anything).I’ve never been able to connect w/ Obama. It may just be me, but I feel like he’s got cards up his sleeve all the time. And McCain, I like, but Palin…ehhhh, not sure. So really, I feel like it’s choosing between the lesser of the two evils. Who knows? Maybe I’ll just vote Nader!

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