The Fitness Journey

Before I got pregnant the first time, I was in pretty good shape.  The best I’ve ever been in, I’d say.  I’ve NEVER had a hot bod by any stretch, but it’s felt pretty good to live in.  Then, having a miscarriage frightened me away from any physical exertion.  Out of running, working out and yoga, I only stuck with the lame yoga for pregnant chicks DVD for the first 2 trimesters of my second pregnancy, then it was lay around and wait to have a baby.  After having Carter, I only had 7 extra pounds to get rid of, which I didn’t think was that bad.  But, little sleep and eating whatever and whenever took my weight up instead of down.  I’d read that at 6 weeks you can start exercising again, and if a book says it’s ok, I generally go with it.  Lesson:  Listen to your body.  I did a full yoga session anyway and thought I would DIE.  Really, though.  I was in hurting in places that I fully expected to be hurting, my heart was racing and I was having a hormonal sweat.  I’m sure I did more damage than good that day, but I thought, “I’ve just got to get back on the horse.”  But, I didn’t.  I didn’t really do anything active consistently until Carter was about 7 months old.  As a reward, I reached pre-pregnancy weight at about 9 months old.  

If I could make it there, I could go farther.  At 1 year I’ve lost another 8 pounds.  I feel so ready to step things up and get back to a strenuous activity level, but I’m finding that my body won’t let me.  Each morning (except Sunday) I put Carter in his stroller after breakfast and we walk almost 2 miles.  Lately, I’ve jogged a bit.  At first, my legs weren’t very strong and would start getting tired and force me to walk again.  Today, I decided that I would start off running and run the entire way.  To my frustration, my lungs and airways gave out before my legs did.  I had an asthma attack.  When I was young, I had exercise induced asthma.  I really haven’t had problems with it in a long time, but then I haven’t pushed my body and my lungs the way I did today.  It was a beautiful day, I felt great, I ran about 3/4 mile and then BAM–the burning, the airways closing, the gasping for breath.  I wanted to cry.  I have the motivation and I’m making the time, but my body doesn’t want to cooperate.  I did a little reading on the condition and the treatment, aside from prescription drugs, is to walk.  

2 responses to “The Fitness Journey

  • Lauren

    i just really had a lot of spelling mistakes…that must make the teacher in you cringe hahaha!

  • Lauren

    (I’m catching up) well i gained a whopping 75lbs+ with quinn, 50+ with evy, and 15 or 2o with nolan. i still have 25lbs to lose and i have a WICKED sweet tooth. i desperately need a triple stroller…etc. i thought i used to have exercize induced asthma but only when i ran or did snakes, not in karate or tae-bo. years later, my hypothesis is that i was having panic attacks. running while with anyone i was supposed to look cool in front of made me have an asthma attack! isn’t that weird? it might be different now, now that i’m not trying to hide the fact that i’m out of shape 🙂

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