Like Birds in the Wilderness

For some reason I need to do this. I need to be able to write about what’s going on inside my head if for no one else but me. But, imagining that someone out there might read this and make some connection gives me a purpose for writing it. If you know me, you may want to caution yourself in reading too many of these because I plan to be very honest and it may not always be pretty. I need somewhere that I can be brutally honest and what better place than this huge abyss that we all love and know as the internet.

In college I had a lot of friends, both at school and church. But, things happen: lives changes, people move, their lives move along different paths that make it difficult to connect with each other anymore. So, now it’s me and Jeff and a few acquaintances. Jeff is wonderful, but some of the things that cross my mind aren’t exactly things you discuss over dinner. I’m sure he’d say that I can talk to him about whatever I want, but sometimes it’s so darn hard for me to find the words and make them come out in a way that makes any sense. That’s one of my biggest challenges–speaking. I could always write, but speaking is sometimes a foreign langugage all it’s own for me. With typing, the words don’t get in the way–it just works.

So, here I go, diving in head first…


One response to “Like Birds in the Wilderness

  • Sarah

    I’m so glad that you’ve joined the blogging movement…. And I completely agree that it’s easier to write honestly than speak honestly. Yay for just letting it fly… I look forward to checking your blog obsessively 🙂

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